Top Five Picks for Wedding Gifts

A version of this article was originally published on May 24, 2017

Like me, are you a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to buying gifts or do you struggle with picking just the right gift off the registry? I tend to shop last minute which means I’m left with rather slim pickings from the registry. Truth be told, I don't pay attention to registries much anyway. I might glance at it to get a feel for what the bride + groom are in the market for and then I stray from the registry. I always try and get gifts to match their lifestyle though. Since we are getting into the thick of wedding season and I am back on the hunt for some thoughtful ideas, I'm sharing some of my top five picks for wedding gifts. It is inevitable that you will end up at one, two or three weddings this year if you are lucky *wink, wink*. I hope this listicle is helpful for you. Maybe you won’t have to rack your brain to come up with ideas because you are a registry rebel!

Top Five Picks for Wedding Gifts

One of my absolute favorite gifts ideas is the Ice Mold/Wine Bottle Chiller from Crate & Barrel. Aesthetically it is a dream, simply gorgeous. Beyond that, functionally, it is a bottle chiller mold which perfectly freezes a tall cylinder of ice tailored to a single, wine bottle (or one of those spritzer, juice blends from Trader Joe’s – whatever floats your boat). It certainly doesn’t have to be wine. As you can see from the photo, the bride can incorporate fresh fruits, florals, herbs…whatever she would like, before it is frozen and molded into the steel coaster. Again, gorgeous and perfect for those Netflix and chill nights.

Marble is screams "you fancy, huh?" I still don't think it's going to lose its luster any time soon. Marble + wood equals a genius accent piece for the kitchen. This serving dish makes a beautiful gift and make a pretty display or foundation piece for cheese plates (with figs..right, and yum) and other small bits or hors d’oeuvres. The marble surface keeps food cool as well – that is an added bonus! For me, this is one of those items you ‘gift’ yourself also.

A catchall is a pretty safe gift and depending on how well you know the bride, you can have a lot of fun with this gift. The styles and designs can be very modern and chic but they can also be very glam and trendy. This glam crown catchall because it by West Elm is a fun, decorative piece for the new bride's bathroom counter or closet shelf.  Actually, your friend can use this one anywhere; her office, home office, bedroom, entryway…it is kind of the perfect gift. I have catchalls strategically placed throughout my house. Love them!

I came out of the kitchen for a moment now I want to take you right back in there. Do you find yourself buying a lot of kitchen and bedroom items as your top picks for wedding gifts? This is a great one though for anyone who likes to bake or likes to pretend to bake (like me). A beautiful perch for desserts is a must. Whether it’s cakes, pies or pastries, a glass pedestal like this baby will help keep desserts fresh for days. I like the glass version because you can see the pastry and be reminded of what’s waiting. It’s like art for the counter, LOL. Eat cake for breakfast!

Lingerie is a given for new brides. They are usually inundated with all types of goodies from the bridal shower. One item that gets overlooked is a good robe. One of my favorite year-round styles to give is a soft, kimono robe that feels and looks dreamy. I’d like the new bride to have something she would feel good being leisurely in on a Saturday or Sunday morning (pre-kiddos of course). This style of robe is not too heavy and it’s not too hot. There is nothing wrong with an oversized, chunky robe or a “fluffy” robe. That is a gift I let my girls by for themselves however. Indulgences like this Free People robe are meant to be gifts, in my opinion. It's definitely a gift for the couple!

Enjoy all of the love, happiness (and gift-buying). It's a celebration!

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