Top summer colors

One of the top summer colors of 2016 is Pantone Snorkel Blue. It's "thisclose" to cobalt blue and it also happens to be one of my favorite colors of all time. Summer '16 or not, I will always have some variant of the shade of blue heavy in my wardrobe (Carolina blue is a close second favorite in the blue family).

This is one of the top summer colors that happens to flatter a lot of skin tones and looks so good with other colors (canary yellow, orange, rose, mint green, with all sorts of prints and so on). Some gorgeous, eye-catching pairing can be created if you invest in Pantone "Snorkel Blue." If the color is not in your wardrobe yet try it - I do not believe you will be disappointed at all. It's so rich - lots of depth with this color.

I kept it basic with white because I was celebrating the continued reign of our Kansas City Royals with the season-opening win but be on the lookout for some wicked color combos with this top summer color.

blue tee white jeans top summer colors 2016

Pantone Snorkel Blue top summer color 2016

blue tee white jeans top summer colors 2016


Banana Republic linen Vee-tee (alternative) || House of Harlow Five Station necklace || L.A.M.B. d'Orsay pumps (alternative)


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