Flowy tops

Thank goodness for the revival of the boho chic look. I don't know that it truly mattered to me whether the boho chic style was "on trend," since I wear what makes me feel good. What has made me absolutely giddy has been the ability to find them and the availability of so many easy, breezy flowy tops to further inspire my style.

Flowy tops are of course not exclusive to the boho-chic look - quite the contrary.  However tops in this style are a staple in the look as is the color (a neutral or earth-tone palette).

Obviously the look is a plus for me but I can't discount the comfort and this flowy top is nothing if not comfortable. Even though it has a little bit of a crop or hits just below the button on my jeans, it does hide if I've overdone it a bit at lunch or whatever. I know we all have those days we just need to 'let it flow' *wink.*

flowy tops

flowy tops

flowy tops

Flowy top (alternate here) | Gap destructed jeans | lace up heels (alternate here and here)

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