White after Labor Day

Guess who definitely is not living under fashion trends of the past *raises both hands* ? I am not one who hesitates to wear white after Labor Day. I love the effect of the "white-out" too much to give it up. At this point I feel like it is common to wear white after Labor Day. Brands seemed to have embraced this outdated fashion rule as well. There are an abundance of fall fabrics and textiles (including leather) in white. If you are feeling on the fence, I am encouraging you to go ahead and jump off - take the leap. There are so many ways to run with this look long after the summer season, as long as the summer fabrics are left behind.

Many of high profile fashionistas and fellow bloggers have curated some incredibly stylish looks. Some of the best ways are to layer dark, fall colors or dark denim over white denim, as an example. Fall neutrals, including metallics are another chic way to pull off white after Labor Day. One of the most obvious and casual options is with a very cozy flannel shirt. The options are vast. You can find some great inspiration on Stylecaster, linked here: http://stylecaster.com/wearing-white-after-labor-day/.

Bump the rules ladies. If it feels good, if it looks good and if you confidently "own the look," wear what you like. That is my motto. Keep it fab loves!

white after labor day

white after labor day

white after labor day

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