Best Choker Trends

Something old is new again, but who among us is surprised by that. What I do wish is that I could rewind time and save some of those cool velvet chokers I had when I was full fan-girl mode over Madonna and emulating a lot of her style. If I had only known then what I know now when it comes to fashion. Recycling in fashion will never die. The best choker trends of the 90s are back and they are so much better than ever. The look has taken over social media and the fashion magazines.

I've yet to find an occasion the addition of a choker necklace does not complete the look. Let me make a caveat, I am using the term "necklace" loosely. I've literally seen the very cute and creative use of a piece of a suede string tied loosely around the neck. You can find some great, seasonal tones at most craft stores. Another favorite look is a multi-wrapped fabric in a rich, contrasting color. I am really digging the dainty gold-plated and brass chokers. These are just a few of the best choker trends. I've linked some great finds below.

While not necessarily a choker, another way to add some loose and relaxed appeal to your look is by tying a bandana scarf around your neck. This falls in the choker family for me *wink*

What are some other 90s styles you predict will be resurrected in the next year or two? I'd love to hear in the comments below. Thanks for hanging with me loves - keep it fab! xx

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