Black bomber grey bandana

I don't have the best memory (of course I can remember those things no one wants me to). But as far as I can recall this is the second or third year in the Midwest we've been blessed with weather that isn't common for the fall. I am not complaining though. Hands down, I am a summer mama. But the moment the temperature drops just a bit I break out my transitional pieces. Right now I'm loving my bombers and jackets. Because they are statement pieces I have several. My go-to way to add some extra flair to my black bomber is the addition of a grey bandana. Simple, yet eye-catching. It's also so easy on my wallet. All around plusses in my book!!

I'd seen a few of my favorite bloggers style their bandanas in multiple ways: as a tie on their purses; in their hair; around their neck and; my personal favorite, as a bracelet. My own inspiration literally came to me in a vision - black bomber, grey bandana. I think about style and fashion all of the time. That is not to say I don't place a great deal of concern, thought and energy into a number of issues that concern me on a local and national scale. I only mean fashion has become so much more than a pastime for me.

When I wear this look again, and let's face it I will, I will style it with over-the-knee boots. I like the uniformity and lack of primary color. Grab these mules for a fraction of the price below - save them for next season. I used to be so much better at doing that. I have to start shopping smarter again and stop letting my lack of time work against me and my coins!

Thanks for hanging with me loves! xx

black bomber grey bandana

black bomber grey bandana

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