Four daily habits

In the course of a day I'm pulled in many directions and hit with multiple demands. I've got to start each day with a few things that will set a solid tone for my day. Balance and mental stability are important when I am running full throttle 18 out of 24 hours many days of the week. I have four daily habits I commit to that contribute to my sanity. I think these habits also make me bearable to others (wink).

As soon as I wake, before I pick up my phone, I have quiet time in prayer. It is important for me to give thanks to my Savior for a new day and to ask for vision and direction for the day. I want to be a person of repentance and humility. I spend time reflecting on those areas where I've fallen short and I seek help. I also ask who I need to pray for and I spend time in prayer for others I'm led to. This time is very important to and for me.

I follow prayer with devotionals in my Bible app and devotionals I subscribe to via email. I reflect on them and follow the actions recommended. One of my favorite is specifically for women because it recognizes the challenges women encounter daily.

four daily habits

I'm not a great sleeper usually - it is terrible! I have an active mind so good rest does not come easily. Usually I've tossed and turned most of the night and laid in terrible positions. This is the very reason another one of my four daily habits is some good, old stretching. Ballet in my youth and barre pilates as an adult have helped me tremendously with proper form and understanding the importance of breathing and stretching. I like to get my knots and pains loose just before I hop in the shower. Sometimes I fold my hand behind my back and hold a forward fold pose while I'm in the shower with hot water running down my back. I wouldn't recommend that for everyone, it's not necessarily safe but I do what I can to loosen my tight muscles and relax.

The last thing I do to keep myself calibrated and sane is weight-train. Admittedly when I started it was because I wanted to meet a certain body goal I was not obtaining in barre. I was getting too lean and thin. But I found that lifting weights and squatting, spending time in gyms I used to despise, was so good for my mental health. I am fully-in-the-zone when I am working out, a complete endorphin junkie. I love the feeling of accomplishment and the stress relief that comes along with my time in the gym. I literally get anxiety now if I go more than a couple of days without it.

You know what I almost forgot but what is equally important for my sanity? Iced coffee, hot coffee, creamy lattes...every, single day. No day is complete without my cup of happiness! What about you? What is one thing you do to set your tone for the day?

Thanks for hanging loves! xx

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