Cold shoulder top

I cannot get enough of the cold shoulder look. I've been looking for a top that I have instant chemistry with for months. I was adamant I would not just land on any cold shoulder top and I did not want to spend too much money on a look that is slightly trendy. On a scale of one to 10, my pickiness about this selection has been at about a 12.

I do like the denim cold shoulder tops, especially paired with mixed denim jeans. Just not enough to invest in a denim top. I've been looking for a print, color or a detail in a cold shoulder top that would make me point and say "you, yea baby you! You are coming with me!"

As I was scouring the Urban Outfitters website looking for cute and comfy dresses for an upcoming trip, I decided it would be a great idea to browse through the tops. Paydirt! I struck gold. I found this chiffon beauty with the flutter sleeves and the pleated body. The color is perfect - it allows me to create strong yet feminine monochromatic looks or bold pops of color. I just love it - flirty yet very chic. They have some great ones - check them out for sure. Many are online exclusives. Happy styling! xo

cold shoulder top

cold shoulder top 3

cold shoulder top

Urban Outfitters Blue Amelia Pleated Off-the-shoulder | Sam Edelman printed ankle wrap sandal (alternative here and here)

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