Rocker glam

Sometimes when I rock one of my go-to all black looks I feel very rocker glam. Especially when I am wearing my favorite black jeans; the coated DL1961 denim. The jeans are a bit edgy and have a wax coating that give a hint of a leather look. The glam factor of these jeans is increased exponentially. Another reason I love my coated black DL1961 jeans is their instasculpt engineering - they fit my legs and my buns like no other. As I am squatting and lunging my lower half into a bigger and better version of its former self, my favorite black rocker glam jeans are hanging right in there with me. Thank you for that instasculpt engineering - I am not ready to part with these babies yet!

I also love a comfy cotton blend, racerback tank.That one detail, the racerback, is key for me. The silhouette of the racerback looks so good from the back. Black tanks are always in high supply in my wardrobe - I am a fan of a good clean line/look.

Of course you can't go wrong with a platform heel to add some extra shape to your legs (and the illusion of length for me). Most of my heels are some form of platform. They are more comfortable for me especially since I am in heels 90% of the time. Top the look off with unmanageable hair and a choker necklace and you've got a complete rocker glam yet very approachable look. Would you try it? I say "go for it!"

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rocker glam

rocker glam

Racerback tank or here | DL1961 Premium Denim | Sam Edelman Platform heels | Kendra Scott Elton cuff


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