Eight Holiday Gifts from Charming Charlie

Chaaaaaarming Charlie has completely charmed me! Color me corny, but I am “all in” and caught up in the merriment of the season. I could not resist. Besides, Charming Charlie has so many cute and whimsical items for every girl, from five to 45 (or older - you get my drift) on your gift list. You can literally find something for everyone - at a reasonable price. Hello? Did I get your attention!? Unless you have a goal of ‘most money spent on gifts’ you are trying to achieve, you don’t have to break the bank to get a wide variety of fun gifts at Charming Charlie. I found lots, but I'll share eight holiday gifts from Charming Charlie.

I can’t tell you what (because it’s a secret) but I found some fuuuun ideas for the ladies in my office. No candy this year! Pretty sure they will express obvious joy. I’ve got a couple of mini-Picassos in the family who will love the colorful, gel pen sets. They will think they are the beginning and the end when they see these little, “big, girl pen sets.” IF you have been around girls 6-9 years old, you know how extra they can be.

My top eight holiday gifts from Charming Charlie are below. I think you will love them too - at least I hope you will anyway. I’ve got a coupon - just for you - to use through November 30 when you shop at Charming Charlies. You can print it off, show it on your phone while you are shopping or you can use the code when you shop online by. It is so easy! Score!!!

Charming Charlies Top 8 Holiday Gifts

Alright - back to my narrowed down selection of eight holiday gifts from Charming Charlie:

Tights are a safe bet and Charming Charlie's line of Ultimate Soft Tights come in just about every fall color you can think of. Plus the price is right. Load up for all of your nieces or little sisters and maybe add a pair for yourself. Personally I am rather smitten with the olive green color.

The chic, metallic USB charger is just one of those thoughtful gifts. For you and for the person you are giving it to. I know you know what I am talking about! Free your own charger and give the gift of a stylish USB cord to one of your besties. She will be grateful! LOL.

Which of your friends lives to throw a party or is the entertainer extraordinaire? I've got the perfect gift for her! I love the vibe of the "Life of the Party" tray. Whether decorative or for serving drinks, this stylish little tray definitely makes a statement.

Candles. Do I really need to say more? One can never have enough. The bonus is they come in a cute, decorative container and the scents really are divine. Pineapple cilantro and Thai lily are very inspired. There are some boozy-scented themes for the prosecco enthusiasts in your lives.

The Whipstitch Tote is the most expensive item to round out my top eight, must have items from Charming Charlie (it is still under $50). The color is gorgeous, the tote appeals to the vegans without sacrificing style or quality. This one is ideal for the professional ladies in your life.

There are two reasons the Natalie plaid scarf made it to my top eight must have items from Charming Charlies. One, the scarf is attractive and functional (with three complementary color options) and two, the price. You can purchase one scarf for $15 or two scarves for $20. It's a no-brainer; really almost two for the price of one. What would you do with the second scarf? I know what I'd do! *smile*

PopSockets have become a cell phone essential. I am starting to see guys use them now - they have cracked all barriers. This marble version is simple and chic. Another great gift idea for office mates who need to prop their cellphones up in style!

I do hope this list was helpful to you. Whether you sit on your couch like me, with some food, your laptop and your list or you brave all the elements I hope you enjoy it. Try not to let any bad energy rob you of your joy.

Have fun with your Charming Charlie's excursion!

eight holiday gifts from charming charlie

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