Tulle and denim

Who doesn't love a great tulle look? Even better, who doesn't love a great tulle and denim look? Ever since Carrie Bradshaw sashayed on the scene in the opening credits of Sex and the City, tulle has been acceptable fashion outside of a dance studio.

It is one of those iconic and classic looks that has kept its luster. I love how easy the look is and no matter how the tulle is styled, it is instantly chic. My favorite is tulle and denim - I like my look to be a bit loose and tousled. The denim helps me "edge it up" a bit. I would also style this skirt with a vintage tee, like a Prince, Madonna or Bowie tee, even though it might feel cliche. My third look, though we are supposed to be focused on denim and tulle, just work with me...it's a tulle skirt with a leather jacket or top. I love how well what should be opposing looks mesh together so perfectly.

Yep, we all know this is not a new look but who cares? It is fun and it still looks fresh. There are so many ways to add your own spin and add your own stamp to it. In the fall, you can opt for a darker colored tulle skirt or you can add darker colors up top. I say this look is year-round!

Tulle and denim




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