I Have This Thing For Animal Prints

More specifically leopard print. About six, maybe seven years ago I would look at you sideways if you even suggested I adorn any part of my body with anything leopard print. Not an ounce of disrespect meant but I got real vamp-like vibes from it. I did not have the same healthy appreciation for it and all other animal prints, the same way I do now. Now, your girl is #teamleopardprint. It’s on my top five neutrals. Easily. Give me all of the cat prints.

Leopard print  - and really giraffe and snake print too - have become my centerpiece of a look. The bit of accent when I need just a ‘dash of sass’ or an exclamation point when I need a “girl, you did that” look! I have learned to embrace the beauty of this animal print. It can be chic, edgy, sultry...whatever you want it to be. I have curated some of the best, timeless, animal prints you will need for the next couple of seasons (because transitioning this print is easy like Sunday morning).

J Crew Leopard Print Shirt

I adore this easy, work-to-weekend style top. It’s a slim/sleek fit too. Imagine it paired with your favorite, tailored slacks or a bold A-line skirt. Of course, it’s the perfect style for skinny jeans and heels or boyfriend jeans and slides too. It's also easy to layer (over the shoulder or left open). It’s a keeper, wear this leopard print shirt over and over again.

Topshop Python Pleated Shirtdress

This blue number is a beauty. It's bold but feminine and has a waist-defining D-ring belt and polished box pleats. The midi-length is timeless. The style is ideal for both spring and fall (it will look as good with ankle boots as it does with slides and sandals. Versatility is the key and this Topshop option provides it.

Schutz Leopard print shoes

Let's start with the favorite trend for the past few years, the PVC strap bands and open toe. Pair that with a bold color scheme and a gorgeous silhouette and you've got a shoe design that is hard to beat. You certainly will not go unnoticed in this updated animal print. This Brazilian designer is absolutely one of my favorites!

House of Harlow  x Revolve blazer

Easily, this blazer is one of my favorite pieces. Not only because of the non-traditional color, I love the slightly over-sized style. It looks just as good with my denim, including my shorts, as it does with a midi-skirt or a mini-skirt. Of course I can just throw it over a dress and belt it and be good to go. It's a statement blazer plain-and-simple but it's got some longevity.

 Farrow Holly skirt

I believe you will dig this bias cut, flirty little number. It has a forgiving high waist  and the skirt gently flares giving it some slight movement. It will be just as cute with a soft, white tank and casual shoes as it would be paired with a muted gold top or even a pop of color. This skirt is another one of those pieces that will stand the test of time.

I could literally go on and on. I have some of my favorite gold earrings with leopard print discs that I wear all the time. My belts, sweaters of different colors and patterns...I don't want to overwhelm you. Maybe I will do a part two at some point. I really have become smitten with animal prints. Colorful shoes with animal prints as well. They are a fun way to add some personality to your wardrobe. Mood = can't stop, won't stop!




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