Joie - Luxe Obsession

Joie (pronounced juh-wa) meaning joy in French, is my latest obsession. Joy is exactly what I receive every time I see new shoes from their fall collection. I have seriously drooled over every Joie shoe, from the sneakers (I am seriously in need of), to the lace-up heels. If you follow this designer on social media or read their blog it is easy to become enamored with not only the shoes but their clothing line as well.

I have three pairs of Joie shoes I HAVE to share with you right now. It would not be right if you didn't know about them and maybe love them too:

Joie jelka_sks-2026_whiskey_angle
Joie "Jelka" Bootie
Joie rexanne_sks-2022_plum_angle
Joie "Rexanne" Heels
Joie quinn_sks-1973_deepindigo_angle
Joie "Paxton" Heels


The color of the Jelka booties is rich...and AMAZING. The lace up detail and cut-out designs on the booties are the icing on the cake. The Jelka booties also come in grey. You can check out Joie's blog on them here:

Let's talk about the vibrant Rexanne platform heel. The color is one of the must haves for the fall - plum. With 5" heels and luxe suede this Joie heel is a statement maker! I am visualizing tights and knitted dresses as one option with these platform heels.

Have you ever seen the color blue as pretty as it is on the Paxton lace-up heels by Joie? The laser cut design is not too intricate or distracting yet it's enough to turn heads. After all, you don't wear a bold, blue heel to blend in, right? This is a gorgeous pair of heels for dresses, slacks and denim. You can achieve very versatile styling with these.

I hope you have found a pair or two from Joie's fall collection that will work well with your fall/winter wardrobe. Happy styling fashionistas!


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