Trench Coats for Fall

If you did not already buy a fabulous trench coat in the spring, it's that time of the year to make an investment in the perfect fall outerwear to complement your style.

There are plenty of styles available in the classic yet stylish khaki color however in the fall it's a great time to add navy, merlot/burgundy and hunter green trench coats to your outerwear collection.

I enjoy playing with fabrics and prints when it comes to this type of of outerwear. It lends itself to a bit more personality. They are not as traditional as they used to be.  I also love the sleeveless styles this fall, again, especially in prints creating layers over a monochromatic look.

The styles below are rather timeless (still elegant), for those who would rather make one investment to last them over the next few years:

Topshop Doublebreasted Trench Coat
Topshop Scout Double Breasted Trench Coat
J Crew Icon Trench Coat
J Crew Icon Trench Coat
ralph-lauren trench coat
Lauren Ralph Lauren Double Breasted Skirted Trench Coat


Check out this gorgeous, luxe, embellished Valentino trench coat I am coveting (click the link). It is fierce! I am also mad about this sleeveless River Island. It would be so pretty with winter white, beige, cobalt name it. Have you found a fall style you are coveting yet fashionistas? Share in the comments.

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