Lengthening Mascara - The Best Combo

Ladies - I have found what I believe to be the best and most nourishing lengthening mascaras, without sacrificing the few precious lashes I have remaining.

I want to look natural but with lush lashes - not like I have an insect planted on my lids. I also want to avoid lash extensions at all costs. They look great for some but I want to protect my lashes and not sacrifice working out and working up a great sweat. Can't always do that with lash extensions. I also want to wash my face normally (let's face like most people I zone out when washing my face and I'm likely to scrub them right off along with all traces of the day). Besides, I've yet to meet one person who was happy with the result of their own lashes after they stopped wearing the lash extensions.

Lately, I have been wearing the eye-popping, lengthening mascara by Peter Thomas Roth (PTR), in Lashes to Die For. This formula is awesome! It absolutely does not clump. I usually go for two coats with an added primer. It's water-resistant (not waterproof), which is a huge plus and it's enriched with panthenol, aloe, safflower oil and other goodness to nourish, lengthen and make my lashes voluminous.

Before I apply the PTR lengthening mascara I prime my lashes with Per-fekt Lash Perfection Gel. Per-fekt Lash Perfection Gel in a word, is AMAZING. It is a primer, lengthening mascara, conditioner and enhancer...all-in-one! It can be used alone but I like to make my eyes stand out to maximize my thin lashes. When I wear this mascara alone, I apply two coats and call it good.

Because I use the primer and build upon the mascara I separate my lashes. Of course you can use a lash brush to do this but I fell in love with the wand of a popular mascara brand so after I used the mascara I cleaned the wand. I use the brush to comb through my lashes after applying all my lengthening mascara and allowing it to dry.

Have you all found a combination or great tips to create stunning, lash lushes? Share in the comments.

Lengthening Mascara
Lengthening Mascara

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